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$30 Digital Download Package (Free Shipping) 
$40 DVD Package + Shipping ($10 U.S./$30 International) 
$50 Blu-ray/DVD Combo Package + Shipping ($10 U.S./$30 International) 
$75 Tactical Cap Package + Shipping ($15 U.S./$35 International) 
$80 T-Shirt Package + Shipping ($15 U.S./$40 International) 
$100 Tactical Cap & T-Shirt Package + Shipping ($15 U.S./$45 International)
$150 Tactical Shoulder Bag Package + Shipping ($20 U.S./$60 International)
$175 Skateboard Deck Package + Shipping ($30 U.S./$125 International) 
$200 Tactical Backpack Package + Shipping ($30 U.S./$125 International)
$300 Tactical Jacket & Backpack Package + Shipping ($30 U.S./$125 International)

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Please note that you will receive two receipts for your donation—an automated one from PayPal and an additional one from the International Documentary Association (IDA), which explains the tax-deductible portion of your donation. Please use the receipt from IDA for your tax preparation.